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Best Books & material for JEE Mains, Advanced Preparation

First few days of JEE Mains, Advanced Preparation

A student named ‘Rahul’ started IIT JEE preparation with a strong desire to get into his dream IIT. He set a goal of expected All India Rank (AIR) under 1000 & joined a small coaching in his home town. Coaching provided DPP of 20 quadratic equations on Day 1 which he finished it in 2 hrs. Then he started thinking, what books & study material should I follow for Maths, Physics & Chemistry for the rest of my preparation journey. 

He discussed this point with coaching faculty. Sir said, please write coaching notes properly in class, finish our coaching modules & DPPs on time. Once done with it, revise theory again from coaching notes & modules, practise problems from DPPs & coaching modules again before mock exams. Once you are done with theory & problems from same source atleast twice, solve JEE Mains & JEE Advanced level questions from a different book or other coaching  modules. 

Let’s consider few scenarios here. 

Scenario 1 : You go to a coaching that produces IITians every year

First complete coaching modules & DPPS twice & then move to different coaching modules or books. Now you just need to solve important questions from a different source. 

Scenario 2 : Go to a boards level coaching but not JEE Mains or Advanced level coaching

First priority again here would be to finish coaching DPPs / questions on a daily basis. Then I would suggest you buy a DLP material of a reputed coaching (Allen, Resonance, Aakash, FIIT JEE etc). This DLP could be first hand or second hand. Second hand can be bought on olx (

Scenario 3 : Preparing through self study

Here again, we will suggest that if possible buy DLP material of a reputed JEE Mains, JEE Advanced level coaching either first hand or second hand. Once you finish it 2 times, solve important questions from different coaching material or books. 

Now we will provide list of books for JEE in the order of priority for all 3 subjects (based on our opinion) : 


  • HC Verma
  • Resnick Halliday
  • Cengage Series
  • DC Pandey
  • I.E. Irodov


  • SL Loney (Plane Trigonometry, Plane Co-ordinate Geometry)
  • Cengage Series
  • Arihant Series
  • Hall & Knight (Alegbra)
  • Course in Mathematics for IIT JEE by Tata McGrawhill
  • I.A. Maron (Problems in Calculus of One Variable)
  • A. Das Gupta (Differential Calculus)


  • NCERT Textbooks
  • Organic Chemistry – O.P. Tandon
  • Physical Chemistry – N. Awasthi
  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry – J.D. Lee

Please keep the following points in mind while selecting your best books & study material during JEE Mains & JEE Advanced preparation: 

  • Give first priority to a classroom or DLP material of a reputed coaching. Buy either first hand or second hand on Olx if you don’t have one right now
  • HC Verma is must have book for Physics
  • NCERT books are must for Organic & Inorganic chemistry
  • If you have more time, buy Cengage series for Maths & N. Awasthi for physical chemistry
  • Rest is upto your discretion but ‘DON’T PILE UP TOO MANY BOOKS’

Follow this Study Process to master concepts & problem solving skills during JEE Mains & Advanced Preparation. To know more about books & study material, checkout Kalpit Veerwal’s blog here

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