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How an Average Student Got into IIT Kanpur?

When I started my IIT JEE preparation in 2009, I decided to give up after the first week. Me being an average student was not ready to dedicate 10 hrs each day for the next 2 years to get into IIT. It was so because I was not aware about what I’ll get upon making a tremendous effort for 2 long years. That means my ‘Why’ of the preparation journey was not there.

Motivation for IIT

Then my brother motivated me to keep moving on this journey & he also told me some of the benefits of studying at IIT such as :

  1. Opportunity to live in a Beautiful Campus
  2. Great peer group
  3. Organised academics
  4. Mind boggling cultural & technical festivals
  5. Good jobs & packages and many more…..

He developed a strong desire within me to be at IIT & since that day I devoted my life for that goal.

I became ready to do whatever was needed to clear IIT JEE.

I explored all dimensions of this one of the most competitive exam in the world from both academic and non-academic stand point.

And this is what I found.

Capabilities / Skills during IIT JEE Preparation

I want you to now pay utmost attention to it because if you understand this & start applying in your preparation, success will surely be yours. In terms of academics, there are 3 capabilities that every IIT JEE aspirant is looking for: 

  • Strong Concepts of Maths, Physics & Chemistry,
  • Good Problem solving skills in Maths, Physics & Chemistry
  • Good Mock Exam Scores & Rank.

Please go through these capabilities once again because I want you to be conscious of them all the time. Only when you are conscious of them each moment, you can improve.

How to attain above capabilities?

Now how to attain these capabilities. We think that going to coaching, buying relevant study material, doing self study & giving mock exams is enough. It is enough if you are aware, how well you are able to manage these aspects.

For example: You go to coaching for 4-5 hrs daily but what If you understand only 50% of what is taught there. That means you will have to put extra effort in self study to cover up those topics. You think you are doing 6-7 hrs of self  study each day but what if focused self study hrs are only 4-5. Rest 2-3 hrs you could be wasting on internet, social media etc.

This self awareness is must during IIT JEE preparation because without it you wouldn’t know where you are lacking & what you should improve on.

Thankfully when I was preparing for IIT JEE, I got a mentor who helped me with non-academic aspects of the exam. The mentor helped me improve on :

  • Discipline
  • Goal Setting
  • Focus & Concentration
  • Study methods
  • Revision & Exam strategies

Result of Mentoship

This support significantly increased my focused self study hrs from around 4 to 7 & that made all the difference.

I was able to secure AIR 1299 in IIT JEE 2011 & got it into IIT Kanpur’.

Now I work as Success coach & help students on Winning Academic Strategies & Techniques, Behavioural, Emotional & Motivational support. My vision is to take this help to all IIT JEE & NEET Aspirants & not restrict it to few toppers in each coaching.

If you think, your performance is not going up to the mark, do contact me by clicking Here right now because if you identify solution to your challenges today, it can serve as a differentiator between you studying at IIT, NIT or a private college. With this help even an ‘Average Student can get into IIT’

Thank you & All the very best. 

-Rohit Kakkar

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