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How to get into IIT?

IIT stands for ‘Indian Institute of Technology’. To get into one of the 7 old IITs (IIT Bombay, Delhi, Kanpur, Madras, Kharagpur, Guwahati & Roorkee), you will have to undergo ‘Intense Inner Transformation’. It is so because only 6000-7000 students out of 11 lakh+ students who appear for JEE Mains get there. Hence it’s important to get an expert advice on ‘How to get into IIT’!

There are primarily 3 steps for this transformation: 

  • Build Great Concepts 
  • Master Problem Solving Skills
  • Ace Exams

‘How to get into IIT’ Step 1 – Building Great Concepts

This is like foundation of a building. It took more than 45,000 m3 of concrete weighing110,000 tonnes to build foundation of world’s tallest building ‘Burj Khalifa’. Similarly to get into IIT, your concepts of Maths, Physics & Chemistry should be world class. For this you will have to read theory effectively from class notes & book & solve as many solved examples as you can. 

Step 2 – Master Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving is like floors of the building. Solve around 300-400 questions on every chapter to cover almost 80-90% of all variety questions that can be framed on that particular chapter. Once it’s done, your building is tall enough to have a great view from the roof. 

Step 3 – Ace Exams

If you are an aspiring cricketer, how much importance will you give to each & every match you play at a district, state or national level? Very much because there selectors would be observing you & you may be considered for Ranji, IPL or may be Indian team! Similarly, as an IIT JEE Aspirant wanting to get into ‘Indian Institute of Technology’, you should give great importance to your mock exam. Prepare well, attempt with full focus & analyze it well is the mantra for each Mock Exam that you give. 

Below is the infographic showing building for each chapter that one has to create:

Watch out this video on ‘How an average student got into IIT Kanpur’ here.

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