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IIT Full Form – Know what it takes to get into IIT?

Full Form of IIT

IIT stands for ‘Indian Institute of Technology’. To get into one of the 7 old IITs (IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur, IIT Madras, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Guwahati & IIT Roorkee), you will have to undergo ‘Intense Inner Transformation (IIT)’

Types of students who come to IIT

We see only 2 types of students who make it to IIT : ‘Intelligent’ or ‘Disciplined’.

Parameters under Intelligence are:

  • High Self Awareness
  • Keen Observation Skills
  • Courage to accept, ‘I do not know’
  • Good Visualization & Imagination skills
  • Curiosity / Habit of Asking Questions
  • High Involvement in whatever they do

Parameters under Discipline are:

  • Daily Study Plan
  • Strategy (Taking right actions)
  • Planning (Exams, Revision etc)
  • Organized (Class notes, short notes, writing date etc)
  • Analysis (Concepts, Problem solving skills, Exams)

If you look at interview of toppers (My Journey) or talk to any teacher who has produced IITians in the past, the common points would be that student:

  • Used to do self study atleast 6-8 hrs everyday in addition to coaching hrs
  • He / she was quite focused
  • Had plans for revision, exam preparation, exam analysis
  • Kept pocket diary to write daily goals
  • Did regular tracking of what is going right & what needs to be improved on
  • Knew his / her strengths & weakness very well. Had a plan to maintain strengths & improve on weaknesses regularly

If you wish to get into IIT, you will have to become either ‘Intelligent’ or ‘Disciplined’. For both of these, you need right set of tools & guidance. Set up a 30 min call with Rohit Kakkar (AIR 1299, IIT Kanpur Alumnus) to know ‘How you can be more intelligent or disciplined’ by clicking Here.

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