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How IIT JEE Aspirants can overcome Emotional issues in Kota?

Emotional Challenges faced by IIT JEE & NEET Aspirants

A student named ‘Rahul’ joined one of the reputed coachings in Kota after class X for his IIT JEE Preparation. He was just 15 years old & had never lived away from his home alone. When his parents left him in the hostel, he started missing them, his siblings, home food, school & neighbourhood friends. Even though he got best of the facilities in hostel, nothing could make up for the peace & comfort that he used to get at home. 

This nostalgia didn’t let him study properly for the first few weeks. He was sleeping atleast 8-10 hours a day & was studying enough just to finish coaching homework daily. Rahul tried making friends but given the fierce competition, he couldn’t find a person genuinely interested in helping him. Slowly mess food got really boring & he made it a ritual to order atleast one meal a day from food ordering apps such as Swiggy & Zomato. This not only affected parent’s budget but also deteriorated his health. He secured an average of 35% marks & 65 percentile in the first 2 mock tests. Since he belonged to general category, his selection chances in dream IIT was very little with this performance level. 

Increasing Self Study Hours

Then Rahul joined library to get motivation to do more self study upon seeing others working hard. He joined it with best of intentions to study more but there he got attracted to a girl sitting next to him. Inspite of increasing self study hours, it led to more distractions. He left library & made a strong resolution to do self study atleast 6-7 hours each day. Whenever he sat for study, some random thoughts about home, food, library girl popped up in his mind at odd times. Rahul was sitting 7 hrs for self study but focused hours were only 4-5. With this slightly increased effort, he scored 40% marks & 70 percentile in 3rd test but still that was not enough. 

Solution to All Challenges faced by Rahul

Then he got to know about a mentorship programme run by IIT Alumni to help students on both academic & non-academic challenges. Rahul joined that programme & in just 2 weeks’ time, he started studying atleast 6-8 hrs every day with 90% focus. Distractions / Non productive thoughts reduced by 95% & focus improved in just 1 months’ time. This made his concepts stronger, problem solving skills improved & mock exam performance went up to 60% marks & 90 percentile in his fourth test. 

MindLarity’s Success Coaching Programme

MindLarity is running this programme for IIT JEE and NEET Aspirants in Kota to help them on 4 aspects: 

  • Winning academic strategies & techniques -> Method followed by Toppers for Understanding Concepts, Problem Solving, Attempting Mock Exams.
  • Behavioral Support -> Mindset towards Success, Improving Focus and Time Management
  • Emotional Support -> Eliminating Peer Pressure , Stress , Distraction from all channels
  • Motivational Support -> Regular Inspiration and Desire to Study and Thrive at one’s dream college.

If you want to know more about this programme, schedule a 15 min call with Rohit Kakkar (AIR 1299, IIT Kanpur Alumnus) by filling the form Here

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