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Not performing well in JEE Advanced, NEET Mock Exams?

Consequence of Poor Mock exams performance during JEE, NEET

When the mock exams scores & rank are not good consistently during IIT JEE, NEET preparation, then it’s a sign that you have very little chances of getting into dream IIT / AIIMs.

Every coaching has a history that top ‘X’ students from it get into premier institutes of India. This ‘X’ can be 2, 5, 10, 100, 500 & so on depending on the size & quality of coaching. If you are among top ‘X’ students, then it’s a sign of relief for you otherwise there is a great room for improvement.

This improvement is only possible when you realize & accept the mistakes you are making currently & then do something different to get rid of them. 

In this blog, I will tell you what could be the reasons that your performance in Mock Exams is not good. 

Reasons for Low Mock exam scores

Student named ‘Raj’ started his IIT JEE preparation in XIth std with a strong desire & motivation to get into one of the IITs. He joined coaching & attended it regularly. He did whatever coaching asked him to do & spent 4-5 hrs on self study daily. After a year he realized that his concepts were not strong enough & performance in mock exams was not upto expectations. These were the pointers that he had a very little chance of getting into IIT. 

One day, he discussed these challenges with one of the faculty at coaching. Faculty asked him to do some self reflection & understand what are the reasons that even after doing hard work, he is not getting satisfactory results. Then he started thinking & wrote the following points on paper: 


I go to coaching for 5-6 hours daily but I can only understand 50% of what is taught there!


Even though I am sitting on my study table for 4-5 hrs daily for self study, effective self study is just 2-3 hrs. Remaining 2-3hrs, I am occupied with non productive thoughts. These thoughts originate out of internet browsing, social media & other chit chats that I do through the day. 


Not able to focus on my studies for more than 30 mins at a go!


There is no study plan & I just study whatever I feel like each day


Don’t have a consistent revision plan. Initially it was fine but as time passed, burden of syllabus started hitting me tremendously.

Having realised these aspects, he started seeking help to improve.

Thankfully he got a mentor who taught him Discipline, Focus, Time management, Goal setting, Motivated him & also provided him Winning Academic Strategies & Techniques.

He increased his focused self study hours from 3 to 6, gradually improved on concepts & started performing well in mock exams. He was regularly aware about his strengths & weaknesses. He kept on maintaining the strengths & improved on weaknesses. Eventually he got into one of the IITs. 

Now this mentor can be your teacher, parent, you yourself or a success coach. If you wish to know more about it, you can set up a free 30 min call with me by clicking Here. I work as success coach & I will be more than happy to help you.

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