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Why you do silly mistakes in JEE Mains, NEET mock exams?

Have you ever felt that even after studying really hard for the JEE Mains, Advanced, NEET mock exam, you made a lot of silly mistakes while attempting it?

Student Survey

I often ask 1000s of students preparing for JEE / NEET that ‘Why does a question goes wrong in exams?’ Responses are ‘Didn’t study well’, ‘Forgot the concepts in paper’, ‘Read question in-correctly’, ‘Chose the wrong concept’, ‘Made silly mistakes in calculations’ & so on.

In this blog, I will give you the most structured answer to this question which most of the teachers teaching in coaching won’t be able to give.

There are primarily 4 steps of attempting each question in exam.

Step 1 : Read Effectively

When you read something, there are 2 possibilities. Can you guess what are these possibilities without reading further?

They are : 1) You either read it correctly or 2) You read it in-correctly!. If you read in-correctly, answer is bound to be wrong. If you read it correctly, then also there are 2 possibilities. Your interpretation is correct or it is in-correct!. If your interpretation of question is wrong, again your answer will be wrong. Only when you read question correctly & your interpretation is right, there is a possibility of coming to right answer.

Step 2 : Decide on the concept

Deciding on the concept is like a google search in Mind. First you will have to go to right chapter, then right topic, then right sub-topic & finally right scenario. Every chapter is structured is a manner that there 8-10 topics, within each topic we have sub-topics, within each sub-topic we have scenarios such as L =0, L—>Infinity, V = 0, V = a & so on.

If you go to right chapter but not to right topic, answer will be wrong. If you go to right chapter, then right topic but not to right sub-topic then answer will be wrong. You go to right chapter, right topic, right sub-topic but not to right scenario, again answer will be wrong.

Step 3 : Calculations

Again while doing calculations, you either derive or you remember the sequence. In final jee mains, jee advanced & neet exams, you can’t derive steps, you should remember the sequence. Here you can make mistakes either in sequence of steps or in arithmetic. This arithmetic is +, -,/, *, log, e, sin, tan, cos, binomial expansion etc

Step 4 : Filling OMR Sheet

Sometimes, student ends up marking the wrong bubble even though he/she got the right answer. For example, you got B but you marked C.

So you will come to the right answer for the question only when:

  • You read question correctly & interpretation is right
  • While deciding on concept, you go right chapter, then right topic, right sub-topic & finally right scenario & pick the right formulae / fundamental
  • In calculation, both sequence of steps & arithmetic is right
  • You mark question correctly on OMR

Please become conscious of these steps while attempting questions in exams. If you liked the above strategy, do share it with your friends, classmates either on social media or on whatsapp.

My vision is to take this content to each & every student preparing for IIT JEE / NEET. If you want more such strategies to avoid silly mistakes in JEE / NEET preparation, feel free to get in touch with me by filling the form Here.

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