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4 Simple Tips to improve focus during JEE, NEET Preparation

Current ‘focus’ state of most IIT JEE Mains, Advanced, NEET & AIIMS Aspirants:

I see many students lack focus these days driven by distractions originating from multiple channels such as internet, social media, chit-chats, personal issues, non-productive thoughts and so on. These distractions if not tackled quickly & effectively can significantly reduce one’s chances of getting into his / her dream IIT / AIIMS. 

I am glad that you are seeking information on how to become more focused during your IIT JEE / NEET preparation & want to take your performance to next level. In this blog, I will tell you ‘4 Simple Tips that will help you become more focused in just 30 days’. Before that let’s understand what focus means.

What is Focus?

Fundamentally, focus is about stabilizing your Thoughts, Vision & Actions in one direction. While studying, thoughts should be about the chapter you are studying, vision should be on words you are reading or writing while actions are reading in mind / reading aloud / making notes / solving question. That is your thoughts, vision & actions are working in one direction which is mastering the concepts & problem solving of the chapter you are studying. 

Below are the ‘4 Simple Tips to improve your focus during JEE Mains, Advanced, NEET & AIIMS preparation in just 30 days’ :

1.Understand ‘Why You Do, What You Do’

  • Take a sheet of paper & write down neatly that ‘Which college you want to get in & Why’ right now!

2. Set specific Goals Daily & Achieve Them 

  • Divide your entire day’s schedule of 7-8 hours self study into small segments of 1-2 hrs each 
  • Set a very specific goal for each segment. For Ex: In the next 2 hours, I’ll finish Kinematics theory from HC Verma
  • Goal talks about ‘Time, Topic (Not just subject), Source & Theory / Questions very clearly

3. Spend atleast 15-20 mins Daily on Health

  • Decide what works best for you – Jogging / Exercise / Gym / Yoga / Meditation
  • Bring it in your daily routine
  • This is not a waste of time but an investment to increase focused self study hours multifold 

4. Revisit your Goal Again & Again

  • Keep revisiting the note that you created in Tip 1 again & again preferably once in 15 days 
  • Watch videos, images of your dream college in free time & take inspiration from them

Maximize benefits from above tips

In order to gain results from the above tips, you will have to apply them consistently throughout your preparation journey. It may be possible that in the initial few days, you may feel it as burden but please, please don’t give up on the process & keep doing it atleast for 30 days so that you start getting results. Then you will have to maintain & keep improving on them to get 10x results in your preparation journey. 

“You know the power of focus. If you have it, you can achieve all your goals easily, if you don’t have it, every goal becomes a struggle”

These tips are based on the experience of my One to One coaching with students preparing for IIT JEE / NEET. These students have increased their focused self study hours to atleast 6 in just a span of 2 months upon working with me. As a result, they have made their concepts strong, improved on problem solving skills & have started getting good scores & rank in JEE Mains, Advanced, NEET mock exams.

Do you want these results as well? If yes, set up a free 30 min call with me by clicking Here to discuss all your challenges. Get an idea of solutions & take your performance to next level.  What are you waiting for?

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