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Success Secrets of IIT JEE Mains, Advanced, NEET Toppers

What keeps JEE & NEET Aspirants away from Success?

I see that most IIT JEE & NEET aspirants don’t know what method toppers adopt for understanding concepts, solving problems & attempting mock exams! It is because ‘No One Tells Them’

As a result, their chances of doing well in these competitive exams reduces significantly. 
Are you one of them who doesn’t know the ‘Success Secrets of Toppers’? If yes, you have come to the right place!

I have designed a success equation for competitive exams such as IIT JEE & NEET. The equation goes like this: 

Stability + Substance —> Capability / Skills

All IIT JEE & NEET Aspirants are looking for 3 Capabilities / Skills during their preparation & they are: 

  1. Strong Concepts of Physics, Chemistry, Maths / Biology
  2. Good Problem Solving Skills in Physics, Chemistry, Maths / Biology
  3. Good Mock Exam Scores & Rank

Please go through these capabilities again because I want you to be conscious of them all the time throughout your preparation. Only when you are conscious of these capabilities, you will improve on them continuously. 

In order to reach at these capabilities, you will have to work on ‘Stability’ & ‘Substance’. Stability includes: 

  • Discipline
  • Goal Setting
  • Motivation / Inspiration
  • High Focus
  • Time Management
  • Confidence
  • Less Distractions 
  • Less Stress

Substance includes: 

  • Capable Teachers
  • Relevant Study Material
  • Right Strategy & Techniques
  • Enough Self Study Hours 
  • Enough Mock Exam Practise
  • Consistent Revision Plan

Working on both is important!

Just with stability, you can’t become capable. Just with Substance, you can’t become capable because you won’t be able to sustain that substance (:P). Working on both is important if you want to become highly capable during your preparation journey. If a student is doing well in IIT JEE /NEET preparation, then at some level he / she is good in both ‘Stability’ & ‘Substance’. While if a student is struggling that means he / she is not good in one or more aspects of ‘Stability’ & ‘Substance’. 

I want you to do an activity now. Take a sheet of paper & create 3 columns on it.

  • First column – Jot down all the parameters of ‘Stability’ & ‘Substance’.
  • Second column – Rate yourself on these parameters out of 10.
  • Third column – Set a goal for yourself on ‘What Rating you want to achieve on each of these parameters in next 6 months’.

Create this sheet in a beautiful manner & keep it with you throughout your IIT JEE / NEET Preparation. Revisit this sheet again & again preferably once every week. If you can revisit everyday, that will be ‘Awesome’.

You can also set up a free 30 min call with me by clicking Here & know how toppers rate themselves on the above parameters.

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  1. Sir how to do self study .I mean what is the process.i have no keep focus on my books etc .and many more distractions how to solve it plz say

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